Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a year we have much that we are thankful for here at Sisu!  I interviewed each stylist, and there were two similar themes to their gratitude list:

1) The People in our Lives – “I am thankful for my happy, healthy kids. My family is amazing. I have some incredible friends and clients!” – Ann

2) Work Environment- “I’m thankful for Sisu’s strong belief in education…that I get to work next to strong, driven, passionate, and creative stylists everyday…Being at work never feels like work…I am beyond grateful for everything that I have learned and become at Sisu Hairdressing.” – Courtney

Personally, these two gratitudes intertwined for one of my biggest gratitudes, and as I prepare to return to work full time Saturday, I must say;

Thank you all for allowing me time with my new family!  Thank you to my clients who were open to being cared for by other members of our team. Thank you to Ann, Courtney, Erika, Ryley, & Dom for taking great care of my clients while I was away!  For this, I am truly Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Anna Evans-Bayer

Owner, Sisu Hairdressing