Even though it’s cold outside, at SISU, we’ve got our sights set on spring! 2016 is definitely the year of the individual, with trends focusing on encouraging the use of natural texture, unique accessories, and youthfulness. There’s also a focus on going back to the basics and simplicity this year, with styles that are easily achievable at home. It’s all about celebrating the individual, reconnecting with nature, and having fun!

This year, accessories take the main stage. Last fall we were starting to see more accessories pop out and this year they’re becoming statement pieces. Charm and jewelry inspired pieces are in, along with bright, neon floral pieces!

Top knots are out; low buns are in! The most popular variation of the low bun is a twist bun. Twist buns are in style for their effortless beauty. All you need to do is twist the hair and wrap it around itself. Neatness isn’t necessarily key here, so don’t worry if it’s not perfect! Once the hair is twisted into place, pin to secure it, hair spray, and you’re all set!

Braids are shifting away from loose, boho chic and into something more tight and streamlined.  A tight two or three strand braid that almost resembles a twist is in style (seen below). For the more natural grounded, small, tight peek-a-boo braids placed randomly in the hair look great!

Low, loose pigtails are in, especially when paired with a perfect center part. The lower and closer together the better. We’re seeing this worn with both sleek and more tousled variations with a variety of eccentric accessories.  Enjoy making this look your own!

The biggest theme that runs through 2016 is embracing your natural texture and celebrating the individual. Feel free to let your natural texture shine and get creative with these styling techniques and unique accessories! Everyone’s hair texture is different, so be sure to ask your stylist about the best way to enhance your own!  
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