Now that the heat of summer has passed, you may be feeling the urge to grow out your locks! Follow these four tips for ideas on how to make what can be an awkward transition as graceful as possible!

Slick or Pin Back Shorter pieces









Oftentimes when growing out a short pixie, the front length lags behind the growth of the back. Pin or slick back to keep your hair looking chic.

Ask Your Stylist to take Weight out of Bulky Areas

A lot of times you don’t want to compromise the length of your hair, but short hair can grow out bulky and awkward!  Ask your stylist to remove weight from the bulky areas and add soft texture to keep your hair soft and feminine in appearance.









Change Up the Color









Some face framing highlights or an ombre can alter the way that your hair looks and give you a little more texture and movement, without having to cut your hair shorter to achieve that. It also gives you a fun change during a time when you’re not able to change as much to your hair!

When in Doubt; Curl!










Are you at that awkward shoulder length where the hair is flipping and bothersome? Start curling and waving your hair to bring the length up a bit!  This will help make the flip look pretty and intentional and give you a fresh style as you grow.  The best part? by the time the curls start to hit that awkward length, the length of your hair straight will be far past it!
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