1! Get the Long Length Without the Long Wait

Do you feel you have hair that doesn’t want to grow? Feel like your hair doesn’t grow past a certain point no matter what you do? Extensions are an amazing fix for these problems! They give you the length without the struggle or wait!

2! Try Something New Without the Commitment 

If you want something different, but don’t necessarily want to cut your hair or go through the process of coloring it, extensions can give you a great option. Not only can they add length, but they can also add a pop of fun color (think of fun pastels without the need to bleach!) or even adding in more natural tones as well. When you’re ready, you can take them out and have your natural hair still in tact!

3! Extensions Can Give Hair a Healthy Look

Has your hair been fried, dyed and laid to the side? Extensions, when applied correctly, can cover up some of that damage to give your hair a fuller, healthier look!

4! Extensions Can Fix Too Short Haircuts

If you had a haircut or sides that were taken to short, are trying to grow out a pixie and are in the awkward stage, or are ready for long hair Now, extensions can be a great way to cover up your hair while it grows into something you’ll be more happy with!

5! Add Amazing Volume To Thin Hair 

If you’ve struggled with fine, thin locks, extensions are a great solution. You don’t have to necessarily add length, you can just add enough pieces that you get that full, voluminous effect. 

Fact or Fiction: Extensions Edition 

We know that there are a lot of misconceptions about hair extensions, so we are going to break it down and give you the facts about extensions.

MYTH: Extensions damage your hair

There’s no reason why extensions, when properly applied by a professional, would damage your hair. In fact, many people use extensions when growing out their hair as a way to let their own natural hair grow longer without the wait. You don’t need to give your hair a break between extensions, either. Moving them around when you get them replaced will be more than enough to keep your hair strong!

MYTH: You can’t swim if you have extensions in.

Bring on the pools, showers, rain and wind!  If your stylist uses high quality extensions, your extensions will still look as fabulous wet as they do dry! 

MYTH: Fine hair and extensions don’t mix.

Actually, many women with fine hair choose to use extensions to make their hair look full and healthy. There’s nothing to be afraid of!

MYTH: Extensions are difficult to brush and style.

You can actually brush and style your hair the same as you would if you didn’t have them!  The only difference is that you need to take care to keep your heat off of the tabs where the extensions are bound to the hair, and with all of that extra hair, styling may take a little longer.

MYTH: You can’t upkeep your color if you have extensions in.

Worry not, your hair color can be upkept just as long as you’re careful to avoid the bonds! It is however, extra important to see a professional for your color during this time, to take care not to damage them. 

MYTH: Extensions hurt to put in and wear.

For the majority of people, no pain and discomfort is experienced. However, people with sensitive scalps that may experience discomfort, which is why it’s super important to have a consultation before any extension application to avoid any problems.

MYTH: It takes hours to put in extensions and the cost is unreasonable.

With Hotheads tape in extensions, it takes around 1.5 to 2 hours for an install and the majority of the cost is in the purchase of the hair. The hair is top quality and can be reused multiple times, so you’re only needing to purchase once or twice a year and only need to pay the reapplication fee when you reinstall!

Hopefully this article helped you learn more about extensions and how they work!  As always, make sure to consult with a professional if you’re interested in getting extensions or if you want to learn more!

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