As we transition to the fall season, our natural urge is to darken everything, –though who says you have to?  This fall, golden undertones are prevalent in blondes, brunettes and red heads. The trend of softness continues, with added elements of sophistication and warmth. Delicate highlights and subtlety are taking hold. We’ve rounded up some of the most striking photos of falls blondes, brunettes and redheads to get you excited for what’s next in hair color!


Iridescent golden blondes are in! This type of blonde is a soft, golden ash hue that adds a level of sophistication to a bright blonde. This is great for those that want to stay blonde for fall, as it will keep your winter complexion bright.

A more natural, subdued dirty blonde is in as well this fall. It’s perfect for those who want to stay blonde into the fall, but tone down their color. It’s a seamless, wheaty blonde with hints of brunette that is flattering for those who want a more natural blonde look! (whether you’re naturally a blonde or not) 


Golden brunettes infused with caramel highlights are the most popular brunette trend of the season! This is ideal for those who want that subtle, soft dimension with pops of warmth through the hair.

A strikingly subtle warm brown is having a comeback. With red undertones, this color has a lot of depth to it, without adding so much red that it steps completely into auburn territory. This is perfect for those who love red but want to stay true to their brunette roots. 

Sun-kissed brunette is in, though a more subtle version of what we saw in the spring. We are seeing a more subdued set of sun-kissed highlights rather than a bold ombre in the fall. This is a perfect way to add lightness and dimension for those who are in love with their darker locks. 


A soft, golden strawberry red is taking over fall palettes, glowing with warmth and lightness. This look will brighten winter skin while making a sophisticated statement. 

Rich, auburn reds are in as well—a red, coppery hue that uses brunette undertones for added depth. It’s a beautiful, sophisticated red that is perfect for fall. 

This fall, warm your color with added rich tones infused with golden or copper casts instead of simply adding darkness.  Review these inspirational photos,  you’ll be ready for your next consultation with your favorite colorist this fall!

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