With September just around the corner, fall is almost here! Fall means transitioning into a darker, warmer palette.  This year, that means dark, smokey eyes and deep, berry lips! We’ve extensively researched and collected all of the best makeup looks for fall to keep you on top of the trends. We are love playing with these fall makeup trends, and hope you will too!

Dark, Berry, Lips. 

Lips this season are taking a darker turn, infused with deep berry and wine tones.  We are seeing rich merlot and marsala tones taking the forefront of this re-energized 90’s trend! 


Rosy Cheeks

Cheeks this season are taking a rosy hue on all complexions. Trying to find the right shade of rose for you? Think of the color your cheeks look when you’re out in the cold and imitate that–this look is all about making you look like you’re fresh off the slopes!  

Bold Eyeliner

Bold liner is a perfect compliment to pale winter skin!  It’s a fun way to do bold and dramatic liner—without having to learn how to perfect your cat-eye! This eyeliner is swiped straight across, adding a more modern element to the classic cat eye. Liquid liner or cream liner and angled brush are going to be your best bet for accomplishing this look.

Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes are a classically sexy cosmetic approach that have a new twist this winter!  Stay away from cool grey this year and focus on bringing in warmth to your smoky eye with charcoal tones!

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