Bobs, bangs and pixies, oh my! This fall is full of new haircut inspiration. Some of it builds upon trends from last season (the lob progressing into a mid-length) while others bring back trends from seasons past (Hello, straight-across bangs, we’ve missed you!) We’ve done our research and rounded up the latest trends in haircuts to prep you for your next visit with your favorite hairdresser.


Piecey, textured pixies are always in style, and that holds true this season. We love this fall’s pixie because it encompasses a unique dual identity. This pixie can be styled sleek and chic for your day job, and textured and fun for going out at night.

The asymmetric bob is back in style. It takes a bob, which we have seen in seasons past, into a new element.  In this instance, the cut is the style, making your life easy and effortless. 


Last several seasons were all about the lob!  Well, consider your lob to be all grown up and transformed into a sophisticated mid length.  The long lob this fall has a cool girl texture and layering that hits around the collarbone.  


Textured long lengths are in style, especially with a little bit more of a ‘shaggy’ late 60’s inspiration and weightlessness. Some may even venture into razor haircuts (make sure you talk to your hairstylist to see if this is the right option for you) or creating weightless layers. This creates a very effortless chic femininity which is just to die for! 

Extra Credit

Straight across bangs are in once again! These bangs are great, paired with long straight hair, or a cute mid-length lob, even a ponytail. They’ve dominated the looks for fall and are a perfect statement piece. Great if you want to try something new without chopping it all off!

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