It seems like wherever you look people are talking about it, and as a hairdresser it is probably the most asked question I receive; “How often should I wash my hair and how do I do it”?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider washing less and how to go about it:

1) It Saves Time

You save a lot of time in the mornings! An hour long process of getting ready in the morning can be cut in half (or more) depending on your lifestyle. Who wouldn’t like to catch a few more zzz’s in the morning?

2) Less Damage to your Locks

You use less heat on your hair, which results in less damage. When you’re not overheating your hair with hot water, blow drying, and heat styling every day, your hair gets a much needed break that it’ll thank you for!

3) Color Protection

Color safe shampoos and conditioners are a MUST, but washing your hair less is just one more tool you can add to your arsenal of color protection tools. Anything that can make your gorgeous color last a while longer is good news for everyone!

4) Improves Scalp Health

When you wash your hair every day, you’re continuously stripping your scalp of the oils that it needs to stay healthy! Letting them do their job helps prevent the flakes that happen from your scalp being too dry.

5) Oil Reduction

Train your oily scalp to be under control; not out of control. Sometimes people with oily scalps feel the need to wash more and more often to rid themselves of their oils. While the reasoning behind this makes sense, what you’re really telling your sebum glands (the glands in charge of oil production) to do is to go into overdrive to make up for all the oils that are getting stripped away. Letting your oil regulate itself is the best way to find some balance.

Your Day-to-Day Guide

I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve heard all about why I shouldn’t wash my hair, but I just don’t know how to do it! I have really greasy hair that doesn’t even last a whole day without washing!” If that sounds like something you’ve said before, I have a secret plan that I used when I first transitioned to washing less and recommend to all my clients. It’s a day-to-day guide to making your hair last longer.

Day 1– Wash and blowout as normal. Use plenty of product through the ends of your hair and make sure your hair is 100% dry. This is VERY important and will ensure that the style is locked in and will last throughout the week.

Day 2– Add some dry shampoo (we recommend Oh Bee Hive by Bed Head) and restyle any pieces that you feel need it.  If you’re using a hot tool such as a curling iron or flat iron, be sure to apply heat protection before touching up! (we love Haute Iron Spray by Catwalk)  If your cowlicks are acting up, simply apply Queen for a Day to the problem area only and blow dry back into shape BEFORE dry shampoo.

Day 3– If you need it, add more dry shampoo. Again, a dry shampoo like Oh Bee Hive is great because it doesn’t have the build up that other dry shampoos can give. This helps you use it multiple days in a row without having that dirty, greasy feeling. Depending on how you feel about your hair that day, you can continue to wear it down with a fun accessory or you can pull it up into a cute braid, updo, bun or ponytail!

Day 4– Go ahead and wash and style as normal and repeat the cycle all over again!

This is a great schedule to follow when you’re just starting out with washing your hair less and are training your sebum glands to get back on track. Once you’re ready to go longer in between washes, you’d be surprised with how far you can go! If you feel like you can only make it the first two days before washing, don’t sweat it. Washing every other day instead of every day is washing your hair 50% less, which is an accomplishment well worth celebrating!

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Crown Braid | Sisu Hair | Lincoln NE |