Balayage is definitely a buzz word in the beauty industry—but what exactly is balayage?  Is it just a fancy word for highlights, or something more?  Is it the right fit for you?

Balayage is a french word meaning “to sweep” because expert colorists carefully and delicately hand-pick strands of hair and “sweep” lightener or color over them by hand. This creates a softer, more delicate look to hair highlighting than a traditional foil will give you. So why choose balayage?

Ashley Balayage Hair Color by Sisu Haidressing Lincoln NE

1. Balayage is very soft, natural, and gives look of sun-kissed highlights. It gives the look of returning from a weekend trip at the beach– not a few hours at the salon.

2. It’s less maintenance. Hand painting grows out beautifully because the placement of lightness is so soft and natural–no more harsh regrowth lines!

3. It’s totally custom to you! Your hair artist can skillfully place the lightener to hit the peaks and valleys of lightness in your hair, so that you can have brilliant lightness custom to your haircut and hair length.

Maddy's Balayage Hair Color by Sisu Hairdressing Lincoln NE

4. It’s timeless. Natural, healthy, beautiful, luscious hair will never go out of style!

5. It’s great for any hair length, texture and color. You can customize it by adding pastels to pack a punch, or adding statement pieces for more impact. While balayage is most shown on blondes, it is a great choice for pastels, brunettes, and redheads alike! The options are endless.

Brittany's balayage Hair Color by Sisu Hairdressing Lincoln NE

Ready to make the leap to custom hand painted hair color?  Be sure to find a hair colorist who is experienced and passionate about the beautiful balayage technique!