Diana’s outgoing and bubbly personality creates an environment that makes her clients feel more like friends. Her uncanny listening skills makes follow up visits fun as she will remember every conversation when you reconnect. She is constantly inspired by her coworkers and looks to their creativity to further her own.

Nothing makes Diana happier than taking hair to a new level and seeing her clients’ reactions when she transforms their look. Balayages allow her to create depth and dimension; they have quickly become one of her favorite things to do. Diana’s the go-to Sisu artist for clipper cuts as she has an intrinsic sculptural ability.  

Diana is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Sisu Method Designer Training – Anna Evans-Bayer

TIGI Lightening Course – Adrian Crawford

Curly Hair Cutting – Zeb Ratcliff

TIGI Perfect Intermixing – Molly 

TONI & GUY Classic Cutting – Phoebe Little

TIGI Curly Hair Coloring – Renee Valerie

TIGI Shag + Mullet Cutting – Thomas Osborn

Texturized Technique Cutting – Shannon Stickman

R+Co Product Knowledge – Lacey Adams

TIGI Product Knowledge – Jennifer Meyer

TIGI Trends HairCutting – Philip Downing

America’s Beauty Show – Chicago

Matrix Cutting Class