Bay appreciates the combined elements of skill and artistry used to create modern hairstyles. She is an avid traveler, so she draws inspiration from the world around her by incorporating the textures and colors of different cultures into her work. Bay is often found working on hand-painted balayages and takes pleasure in cutting bobs because of their intricacy and their precision. A curly girl herself, Bay loves working with textured hair to sculpt the perfect look for each guest. 

Bay’s sense of humor brings out the best in each of her clients. She truly listens to her clients’ requests and will always work with them to find a look that feels best for them.

Bay is fluent in both Kurdish and English.

Graduation Skills Cutting – TIGI Academy NYC

Modern Classic Haircutting – TIGI Academy NYC

Creative Cut & Colour – TIGI Academy NYC

TIGI on the road – Omaha

TIGI Trends- Omaha

Sisu Method Designer Training – Anna Evans-Bayer

Sisu Method Director Training – Anna Evans-Bayer

R+Co Texture & Curls Course 

TIGI Lightening Course – Adrian Crawford

Curly Hair Cutting – Zeb Ratcliff

TIGI Perfect Intermixing – Molly 

TONI & GUY Classic Cutting – Phoebe Little

TIGI Redheads Course – Robert Banyaga

R+Co Product Knowledge – Lacey Adams

TIGI Product Knowledge – Jennifer Meyer

TIGI Trends HairCutting – Philip Downing

TIGI Fashion Forecast – Logan Lucas

TIGI Pixie Hair cutting – Domenico Tomei

TIGI Custom Blondes – Nicole Chateau

America’s Beauty Show – Chicago

TIGI Curly Hair Coloring – Renee Valerie

TIGI Shag + Mullet Cutting – Thomas Osborn

Texturized Technique Cutting – Shannon Stickman